In Haiti, against a backdrop of economic and environmental adversities, a transformative shift is taking root within the fruit supply chain.

This shift, driven by the implementation of cold chain logistics and blockchain technology, stands as a beacon of how strategic advancements can catalyze growth and prosperity, even in the most challenging circumstances.


transactions instantly verifiable


increase in farmer productivity


rise in overall supply chain efficiency


AgriLedger’s blockchain solution has catalyzed a remarkable shift, rendering 98% of transactions in Haiti’s fruit supply chain instantly verifiable and ensuring transparency from the lush mini-orchards to the bustling markets. This groundbreaking change has not only led to a 25% increase in farmer productivity but also a 40% rise in overall supply chain efficiency, largely attributable to enhancements in cold chain logistics. These advancements have built a foundation of trust in an industry once mired in unpredictability.


The influence of AgriLedger’s intervention extends far beyond Haiti’s borders. It’s a narrative of economic revitalization, job creation, market expansion, and significant waste reduction that is redefining the agricultural playbook. By bolstering traceability and financial support for farmers, AgriLedger is nurturing an ecosystem of accountability and sustainability that holds the promise of industry-wide transformation. AgriLedger’s initiative in Haiti transcends a mere case study—it’s a guiding light for agricultural reform on a global scale. Showcasing the power of innovation to rejuvenate a sector, it sets forth a vision where the harvest journey from farm to fork is enriched with shared success and sustainability. Haiti’s experience illustrates a world of possibility—a world where the yields of agriculture are enjoyed equitably by all who contribute to the food’s journey from soil to supper.


Our initiatives in Haiti have set a precedent for agricultural transformation, and now our vision extends worldwide, forging new partnerships and laying the groundwork for change.
As we expand our global presence and forge new partnerships, AgriLedger remains dedicated to our ethos of empowering through transparency and efficiency, bringing sustainable development to diverse economies and communities worldwide. Stay tuned as we turn these connections into success stories, one country at a time.

  1. AgriLedger champions transparency and confidence in global food systems, ensuring trust at every step. Our commitment is to empower individuals, fostering sustainable practices and community growth for a brighter tomorrow.

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